Everything you need to know about Viagra

Sex is one of the most important and pleasurable activities for most humans, but for males, it might be even more important. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, being able to perform sexually when needed – meaning being able to satisfy ourselves and our partners – is something most males take great personal pride in. On the other hand, any problems in that department can lead to much grief, insecurity and anguish. And since most statistics agree that almost a half of all men experiences some sort of sexual performance related issues – most commonly erectile dysfunction, or ED, it’s clear to understand why so many different pharmaceutical companies have developed their own answer to one of the major problems modern men face every day.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are numerous products that promise fast and reliable solution for the problem of sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction. Some of them are effective, some less so, while some are nothing more than a way for unscrupulous marketers to swindle people in need out of their hard earned cash. However, one product has enjoyed a spotless reputation ever since it’s been introduced to the market, and after all these years, it still remains the most widely used and recommended ED treatment. Of course, we are talking about Viagra.

Viagra was the first FDA approved, truly effective, safe and reliable treatment for erectile dysfunction available to general market. Since it’s been introduced to the market back in late nineties, it’s helped millions of men who were suffering with erectile dysfunction on daily bases. It’s safe to say that Viagra has transformed millions of lives – not just those of men affected with ED, but also their wives, girlfriends and partners. Some even go as far to say (only half jokingly) that Viagra has done more for love and sex lives than all couples therapists in the world – no amount of counseling can restore that lost spark as quickly and as undeniably as the little blue pill can. Also, Viagra has created a whole new market – numerous drugs that use the same mechanism of action have been introduced to the market following the success of Viagra, but the magic blue pill still remains the original.

Viagra is pharmacologically classified as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. This means that Viagra helps treat erectile dysfunction by affecting the production and action of an enzyme known as PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5). PDE-5 controls the process of relaxing and widening of smooth muscles in the penile tissue, which allows for an increased blood flow to the genital region. This increased blood flow is a necessary prerequisite for establishing and maintaining an erection – without it, the chances of a “serviceable” erection are close to nill.

Viagra is very well tested and safe, and you can generally get it without doctor’s prescription. Individual dosage may vary, but first time users are often recommended to start with 50 mg, and up the dosage to the maximum of 100 mg only if not completely satisfied with the effects.

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